Rapper and Fashion Icon SirFresh Semi will be releasing his EP Project titled Dream & Purpose on the 12th of March Tomorrow, and Zion Adebisi Blog had to interview the Star Man and discuss little on the EP project before it drops.

Interview Below.

Question 1
Zion Adebisi : Why Dream & Purpose? And How did u come about the title?

SirFresh : Cause I believe we all have a dream and purpose in life but discovering your dream and purpose is the difficult part, so I sat down thinking and Dream & Purpose just kept getting to my head and then I thought of it to be nice if I could figure out my Dream and Purpose in life.
My Dream is to be super successful in life while my purpose is to bless souls with my Rap music and put a smile on peoples face.

Question 2
Zion Adebisi : We heard that you are the first rapper to be releasing an EP in Suleja Town , Abuja? What can you say about this?

SirFresh : Yea someone hit me up with the news and then I had to make research on that fact, and to my greatest surprise it was absolutely true, and I was like OMG I am about to make History. Well that’s part of my purpose taking over my city then the world as a whole.

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Question 3
Zion Adebisi : Personally , I have been keeping tab with every of your movement there at Suleja especially, It seems you have a lot of die hard fans there following your every movement and posts.
Now How do you cope with that? Are you a free man there at Suleja? To roam the town freely ?

SirFresh : Well, if I say I am the most rated Rap artist in Suleja currently its not pride but a fact, I have worked so hard to gain my fans by giving them mad jams, great performances in shows and I show love sometimes, I think that’s why I got them all for me, Lolz, I called them “SirFresholic” cause they are very important to me, as for being a free man I must confess I am about 50% free maybe cause of the street in me but normally I don’t go out often and you can’t see me in every occasions cause of my personality.

Question 4
Zion Adebisi : If am to ask, What’s your favorite track in the Dream & Purpose project?

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SirFresh : Well, that’s kinda hard doh, I don’t think I have a specific favourite cause they are all my favourite but if I must pick one that should be “Survive” which was produced by my personal producer and manager Zion Beatz , the song passes a message to our government, and I think a lot of people will like it cause of the recession and hard times we are facing right now as Nigerians.

Zion Adebisi : O really? I’ll love to hear that jam

Question 5
Zion Adebisi : Should we b expecting a remix on any of the Dream and Purpose Project?

SirFresh : Yea, am thinking of featuring Phyno and Timaya on the remix of my smash hit “KONFAM” but we are still checking on that

Question 6
Zion Adebisi : Any motivational word for upcoming artists that looks up to you?

SirFresh : People will definitely discourage you, but use that as a motivation instead, don’t allow anybody to affect you and your Dreams. Stay strong and focus that how you win at the end.

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Question 7
Zion Adebisi : After the release of your EP, What’s on your mind next? Let’s get a glimpse on what you are up to next

SirFresh : I actually will go for tours and after that will go for a musical break for some month, won’t be releasing any track this year after the EP till next year.

Question 8
Zion Adebisi : Do you think going for a break will Favour you as also your career? And do u think your fans would be ok with that?

SirFresh : Yea my fans should understand my reasons cause I already package enough for them on Dream and Purpose Album EP to enjoy through out the year, but I will sure be getting features too so I won’t make my fans bored.
You know there’s a saying that “work and no play makes jack a dull boy”

Zion Adebisi : OMG , Brother your head get oil, Its nice having this time with you. Thanks and God bless you hustle.

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