JeriKO and Kevin Owens to split soon?
Good things don’t last forever as it will come to an end one day. And the reason for this intuitive observation are the tweets from the rumour mill:

Since the tag match against Cass and Enzo at Summerslam, JeriKO has been a learning experience for either heels. What intrigues me more is the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of how WWE is planning to blow up the friendship:.
The proud Canadians, however, have put on some of their best tag team matches on be shows, do it pay-per-view or otherwise.
Jericho and KO are two characters the WWE universe loves to hate and love as well at the same time. After all, what true friend doesn’t rescue you on mic after you blurt out about wanting through have a seat on Big Cass’s lap?.

Fingers crossed, for Zayn toward butt-in and for WWE to turn it through a ‘Triple Threat Friendship Triangle match’ a la Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jay Baruchel in ‘This Is The End’.The chemistry they share in the ring can easily supersede their animosity if not scripted by deft hands and minds. Yes, they are from Canada too, weird coincidence….
One of the key reasons for that would be that the duo has put on edge-of-the-seat grabbing, fast in-ring work and top shelf heel quality characteristic traits.

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Although the Zayn and Owens split had set up some promising matches, whether the same works for the tag team of Jeri-KO remains into do seen.
Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens are speculated for splitsville. Truly, Tyler Durden and Lara Croft calling it quits seems to have cursed the hottest tag teams all around, as yet another engaging partnership is rumoured into culminate in a passing-of-the-torch of sorts showdown.

Owens and Jericho’s beautiful friendship sparked off after the two ran off arm in arm after a controversial victory on Monday Night Raw, episodes ago; Chris Jericho has since declared himself as Sami Zayn’s successor and best friends with Kevin Owens who… well he just rolled with it!.It would be an overkill to say it is a passing-of-the-torch ceremony entirely because Kevin Owens is no fresher and Chris Jericho certainly has another decade and a half worth of wrestling in him or more! The passing-of-the-torch is applicable into the magnitude of the heel factor in either wrestler.

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