World wrestling entertainment (WWE) will be looking for a new home for Raw in Germany.

We all known how well the WWE values their international market. They make it a habit of going to Europe at least twice a year, and Germany is always a part of their tour.

It is said that the WWE Network subscription numbers are quite high in Germany despite it being introduced only early this year.

Unfortunately, WWE Raw is now losing its German broadcasting home Tele5 from March 2017, according to a source at the media magazine DWDL.

It was originally reported that the reason they were stopping the broadcast of Raw was due to a decline in ratings. However, it is now being reported that this is far from the case.

DWDL said that Raw has actually pulled in some of the best ratings for Tele5, having a share of 2.5%According to BILD, there was some trouble backstage, including “chaos and coordination problems behind the scenes”.

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Germany is an extremely important market for WWE, and naturally, WWE will be looking for a new home in Germany. General Manager and WWE VP Europe Stefan Kastenmüller has told local media that Smackdown might also be moving, as the current deal with Pro7 Max also ends in March 2017.

Kastenmüller added WWE has a lot of interest from broadcast, digital and paid subscription channels in the German market and expects to sign a new deal shortly.

Despite Tele5 not renewing the contract that is set to expire in March 2017, there is no doubt that WWE will find a new broadcasting home in Germany, one of its most important markets.

Raw’s declining ratings in the United States have not really translated to the international markets, as they still hold solid ratings. However, a platform is essential to garner TV viewership.

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