Cesaro made complains on his entrance theme,
Cesaro is an interesting case. His in-ring ability and strength are some of the factors that make him so beloved in the WWE Universe and was translated into in the “Cesaro Section”Last year.
Cesaro’s name was really put on the map when he had back-to-back classics with John Cena in the US Open Challenge. After that, he started picking up some serious momentum.

But Unfortunately, that momentum was halted after he faced a shoulder injury that required surgery. It was anticipated that he would be out for six months, but he came back in a little more than five months on the Raw after Wrestlemania.

While he has been consistently featured and in storylines, he still has not yet reached the level he desires and the level we all desire to see him reach. With regards to his climb to the top of the mountain, his path to the elusive World Championship, Cesaro had the following to say:

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“For me, it’s a little bit of a different road, but if there are mountains to climb, I think as a Swiss man you’re the proper mountaineer to do it. So that’s something I’m looking forward to.”On a lighter note, Cesaro was asked about his James Bond/Secret Agent comparison, and his entrance music. he had the following to say about it:

“I do not like my current entrance music. I’ve kind of wished I could have a new one since I got this one. I asked for a little James Bond-esque entrance because I’m a big fan and that’s always been an inspiration to me. That’s what made the transition to the Swiss Superman.

It just went from there. Little piece at a time, little piece at a time. Hopefully, the music will be a piece sometime soon.”Cesaro is currently in a feud with Sheamus in a Best-Of-Seven Series where the score is 3-3. The Swiss Superman was 3-0 down but as baby faces normally do, he made a comeback to tie the scores. Their feud will culminate this Sunday at Clash Of Champions, and the winner of the series has been promised a championship match in the future. It is being said that Cesaro is likely to win the series and will even face Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship.

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