Nigerian Twitter will never forget the 20th of July 2018; the day Sterling Bank disturbed the peace by tweeting the most savage piece in the name of an advertisement.

In the ad’s art, we see Sterling bank represented as the futuristic person jetting off in a rocket to meet the sterling moon, Union Bank shown in a clueless equestrian mode, First bank depicted as an early man riding an elephant, Access Bank as an unskilled archer moving in the wrong direction while shooting all his arrows into the ground and poor GTB guy locked up in a very architectural orange cell.

While it looks like Sterling Bank killed only 4 birds with one stone, a closer look shows there might be more casualties.

Maybe, Maybe not 🙄🙄🙄

From the illustrated picture above,  Sterling Bank may have also thrown subtle shades at a few other banks. The pinnacle symbol might be pointing at Zenith Bank, The “glass” building could be Diamond Bank, while UBA and FCMB can be simply identified by their architecture.

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Some of the direct casualties have retaliated though.

First Bank first reminded us of their forefatherism…

…Before tossing Sterling’s rocket into the bin.

Union Bank replied by bidding Sterling’s rocketing man farewell in what they believe is a suicide mission while acknowledging themselves as elders in the game.

Access attempted a remix of Sterling Bank’s slogan by calling them a one-customer microfinance bank…

But GTB  has not yet responded…

Some Tweeps say GTB’s silence is because they were left without any communication device in the cell,

…while others think that GTB users are likely to be debited should there eventually be a reply from their bank.

Oh well, here’s what the league table currently reads…

And here’s the report card for now…

However, pending when this war is over, Sterling Bank Users have been advised not to go near the ATMs of the shaded banks to avoid instant swallowing.

Despite the utter hilarity of it all, we must give it up for the individuals who conceptualized and designed this radical ad that has raised Sterling Bank’s ratings (and has given Nigerian Twitter a brilliant subject matter to bicker about.

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You can follow these trending hashtags on Twitter – #BankWars, #SterlingBank and #GTBank- if you’d like to laugh your a$s out some more. You’re welcome ☺☺☺

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