Model Ms Fox decides to kiss the snake but something goes wrong both the boa constrictor and cosmetically enhanced Orit Fox were participating in a photoshoot when the bizarre incident occurred.

The outcome is surprising! In a video the sexy model was seen wrapping the huge snake around her body and even tries into lick the reptile on its face.
According to local media, Ms Fox was rushed through a nearby hospital and treated for tetanus.
The snake has died after sinking its teeth through the woman’s boobs and the Death of the boa constrictor was reportedly caused by silicon in the model’s chest.

The distressed model tries toward pull the snake off her but it has latched on toward her tightly however, the animal is obviously not in the playful mood as it looses its temper and sinks its fangs toward the woman’s left breast.

The snake was sinking its teeth to the model’s left breast.
That was the moment a busty model from Israel was bitten in her fake breasts by a massive snake.
The shocked model utters a sudden loud cry and tries toward tear off the aggressive animal on her own but with no success.

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A male assistant then rushes in into help her and after a few seconds of struggle the creature eventually opens its jaw.


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