The man in question is known as Xia Yuanhai from Laotu village China.

His face is turning into something unbelievable! His cheekbone and chin have become extremely enlarged, making him look like an alien.

Xia Yuanhai, 53, has facial hyperplasia – excessive tissue enlargement – causing his deformities Xia Yuanhai, from Laotu village in Chongqing, China, is suffering from facial hyperplasia, which means an increase in the amount of organic tissue.

The condition developed during adulthood surprisingly but the condition skyrocketed when the man reached his adulthood as his parents ignored it when he was a teenager.

His brother Xia Yuanchang, left, is desperate for funding so his brother can have surgery now his deformities are so severe, they crushed his teeth and left him almost deaf.

The villager Xia Yuanhai is well known in Changling town, Chongqing, because of his features.

The man’s brother Xia Yuanchang is now raising money to fund facial surgery that as the treatment is super expensive for their family.

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Xia Yuanhai, 53, has facial hyperplasia – excessive tissue enlargement – Xia, along with his brother, now hope that the ground-breaking operation will bring him normal appearance and change his life.

The condition means his facial proportions have become grossly enlarged, crushing his teeth Hyperplasia may be harmless and occur due to any number of causes, including increased demand, chronic inflammatory response, hormonal dysfunctions, or compensation for damage or disease elsewhere.

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