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Earlier today, I made my intentions clear to Rapper Nifty Breezy about his new sound “GA LEMU” . I wanted to get more info explaining the song better to me and other listeners out there. And here is Nifty Breezy’s reply. 

Enjoy below. 

Note : It’s not like we are trying to criticize the idea and creativity behind this song, but we feel like we need some more info about this song and we are sure, alot of audience out there needs some more info to explain the song better. 


  • What inspired you to writing this song? 

Answer : First of all, the song “Ga Lemu” is originally owned by the legendary Ibrahim Baba aka Funkiest Mallam. It’s a song I’ve always loved to vibe to. And I couldn’t resist the urge to Refix, what I’d say it’s one of the first trap songs in the industry. 

  • What do you mean by “Inbamu ba, ka Suwa Yi shegu at 0:23 minute?” Lolz, Am sure we didn’t get the hausa perfectly but am sure you understand what am saying.

Answer : “In ba mu ba toh su waye neh sheigun” That’s “IF IT AIN’T US THEN WHO ELSE DOES IT BETTER” 

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Cos in Hausa Language the word “Shege” is often used to hype someone who’s good at something.. And “Sheigun” is the plural form of “Shege”

  • Are you directing this song to a particular person or a group of people? Or it’s just a song? Some of your lyrics are giving us that impression.

Answer : It ain’t directed to anyone, It’s a Rap.. Eulogy. For my fans to enjoy.

  •  Is it “Am not taking Panda or Banda?” At minute 1:02 of the track.  And please can you brief us about that particular line? Like explain it for us. 

Answer : It’s a wordplay..Desiigner (The Panda Crooner) 

So it’s “Am rocking designer.. am not talkin Panda.. 


  • What do you mean by “All you rappers wanna be like me but all I see is a Taper?” I hope we are correct with the hausa? Lolz.


Answer : All u rappers wanna be like me but all I see around is atampa (Atampa in Hausa means wrapper)

  • Am a bad man shata, Like mamai shata. Can you elaborate? 

Answer : Using a Jamaican movie titled “The Shuttaz” to edify that line.. Am a bad man shutta..going legendary 

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Like mamman shata (A veteran Hausa musician) 

  • You said in hausa, Take Matches and light it make we shata, I still don’t understand this shata thing but sorry to ask, Are you openly telling us you smoke?

Nah I don’t smoke but am talking dope yeah so let’s burn it. Lol

  • At minute 1:16, You said “I b the head, I never the bindi. Please what is Bindi NIFTY?

Answer : Bindi is tail in Hausa.. So I am the head and not the tail. Everyone wishes to always be the head. Lol. 

  • Lolz. You know you a bad boy now right? My flow is the sweetest, Kamon ka na Pasa bindi abi is it Gindi? Let me know please Lolz.

Answer : Lol “My flow is the sweetest, kaman kana bisan gindi” The next line modifies the previous.. Which is “Gindin itace…itacen lemu”

It simply means my flow is as sweet as taking orange,  resting under the shade of the orange’s tree as well. Lol

  • And please, Which LEMU are you telling people to come and sha? I hope it’s not what am thinking? Lol.

Answer : Lol.. The LEMU we all know, the one that is good for the body. I got the source of the juice.. No extraction! 

  • What is “flow Kamon tegu?”

Answer : It’s “Flow kaman teku”

“Teku” in Hausa means river.

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So what that means is “Flow like river”

  • Who is Belinda in you life please? You mentions that at the last part of the song. Expose yourself lolz. 

Answer : Hell no! lol.. You got that wrong.. It’s “Mirinda” 

The Hausas especially the Fulanis often call Mirinda “Lemu” so in order to relate better..had to chip in MIRINDA!

Right now, I think I got the sauce and the juice better than Nifty.

It was fun with Nifty getting to know more about his new sound.

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