Nifty Breezy - Ga Lemu

This is first of its kind as Zion Adebisi Blog would love to know a little more about the recently released song GA LEMU by NIFTY BREEZY.

Note : It’s not like we are trying to criticize the idea and creativity behind this song, but we feel like we need some more info about this song and we are sure, alot of audience out there needs some more info to explain the song better.

They probably can’t get to you, but I am.


  1. What inspired you to writing this song?
  2. What do you mean by “Inbamu ba, ka Suwa Yi shegu at 0:23 minute?”  Lolz, Am sure we didn’t get the hausa perfectly but am sure you understand what am saying.
  3. Are you directing this song to a particular person or a group of people? Or it’s just a song? Some of your lyrics are giving us that impression.
  4. Is it “Am not taking Panda or Banda?” At minute 1:02 of the track.  And please can you brief us about that particular line? Like explain it for us.
  5. What do you mean by “All you rappers wanna be like me but all I see is a Taper?” I hope we are correct with the hausa? Lolz.
  6. Am a bad man shata, Like mamai shata. Can you elaborate?
  7. You said in hausa, Take Matches and light it make we shata, I still don’t understand this shata thing but sorry to ask, Are you openly telling us you smoke?
  8. At minute 1:16, You said “I b the head, I never the bindi. Please what is Bindi NIFTY? Lolz.
  9. You know you a bad boy now right? My flow is the sweetest, Kamon ka na Pasa bindi abi is it Gindi? Let me know please Lolz.
  10. And please, Which LEMU are you telling people to come and sha? I hope it’s not what am thinking? Lol.
  11. What is “flow Kamon tegu?” 
  12. Who is Belinda in you life please? You mentions that at the last part of the song. Expose yourself lolz. 


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We hope you give us a reply in either a video format or Written format as we are going to publish it.

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