Five Music Knowledge: How To Give Mind Blowing Stage Performances

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Below are five ways you can learn to give epic stage performances.


Know Your Music and Know It Well

The only way to achieve the above is to rehearse and rehearse some more. In fact, rehearse until you know your live performance by heart. If you play the instrument, try rehearsing blindfolded. This may seem like an uphill task, but it’s something that can help you on stage especially when it comes to playing from memory. If you are singing, know your stage well; go take a look at the stage you are billed to perform on and rehearse with your band) exactly how you plan on performing on that stage; arrangements, movements, and more.

As Jeff Black from Vandala Magazine said, “It’s not just HOW MUCH time you put in, but the QUALITY of time you contribute.” Also, it can be really helpful to get friends and family to watch your rehearsals and provide feedback. Just make sure they are the kind that will be brutally honest and not tell you what you want to hear. Rehearsals aren’t for playing perfectly. They’re for learning, experimenting, evolving, and preparing to share your music with your fans.

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Learn To Relax Onstage

It’s your music, you own the stage, you have rehearsed and you’re good to go. Sometimes the thought of being under the spotlight can be too nervewracking, but all you need to remember is that you are going out to have a good time with your audience. Don’t try to impress the crowd, have fun with them instead. You can use relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga and breathing exercises to calm your nerves before going on stage. I highly suggest you do not get intoxicated nor take drugs because there really isn’t any pro to it, just a sh*tload of cons.

There was something I noticed in Asa’s Encore concert, she cracked jokes during intervals and talked to the crowd to get them laughing and relaxed. Laughing is a good way to get your crowd to warm up to you, and sure you are no Basket Mouth, but you can still give them a little dose of humour.

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Visualize and Think of Giving A Great Performance

It can be easy to imagine the worst if you feel doubtful or stressed about an upcoming gig. DON’T. Push these thoughts aside and visualize a smooth and flawlessly executed performance. This is best done when relaxed—before you fall asleep or first thing in the morning. You’ll want to make this a daily visualization exercise starting at least one month before you’re expected to perform. Thinking of positive performance scenarios helps you get mentally prepared.


Focus On The Crowd

A lot of artistes have now realised that stage performances aren’t avenues to showcase their talents, but instead to offer fans a tribute for paying good money and taking their time out to come to see them perform live. One good stage performance can go a long way in boosting your career especially if you connect with the crowd.

Start your set with an attention grabber—an energetic and recognizable song. With an upbeat, celebrated cover, you can easily encourage your audience to dance, clap, shout, and sing. Continue that momentum throughout your set. When your fans walk away feeling awed and exhausted, your show will be imprinted in their memory.

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Be Creative and Captivate Your Audience

It takes an enormous amount of creativity and style to craft music that’s unique to you and your sound. The experience and thrill of your performance are what the crowd is after. Imagine yourself as an indifferent listener in the audience. What would grab your attention? Use your creativity to take your performance to the next level. It’s hard to forget a performer who envelopes their audience.

The artistes who create amazing experiences for their fans are those that will stand out in an industry over saturated with many musicians. If you can practice your instrument until it feels like an extension of you and put your full, creative energy into every engagement opportunity, you’ll turn your fans into real stans.

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