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ZAB EXCLUSIVE : Fast Rising CrocCity Music Artiste To Watch Out For 2018


Fast Rising CrocCity Music Artiste To Watch Out For 2018

Year 2017 was a great year no doubt, 2018 would be better.

And of course, Music stars were born in 2017; and I believe several numbers of talents were also displayed enough to change the game in 2018.

So I compiled a list of promising acts I believe will have a major breakthrough in CrocCity this 2018 musical calendar.

Did your fave make the coveted cut? Check out the artistes that should be on your radar and familiarize yourself with them!

But before then, I’d love to give some advice before we head to the list.

The fact you are on the list, I believe it means a lot to you, but I’ll let you up on Something you should know.

Should you just sit down without hard work this 2018, then there’s nothing for you even if you made wave 2017. You need to work hard to keep that spot.

You need to keep working on your craft, work tirelessly, Listen to people who you look forward to, who motivates you, learn from them and work with good producers around the state.

There are very good producers here in Croccity.

The likes of Burning Soundz, Emmystrings Efiko, ZionzBeatz, Fizzyo, Jessebeatz, Sukeezbeatz and lots more.

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Promote Your craft massively.

I don’t mean free promotion because you will be the only one promoting your content, I mean paid promotion, Pay for it, let people promote you.

There are very good bloggers/promoters in Croccity that’s if you are targeting the state, and if your audience are in Kaduna. You might want to target audience outside the state, why not? It’s allowed.

Tell your bloggers/promoters what you want and watch them get it done.

Music is a business, spend, sacrifice and you will definitely enjoy the outcome if you do it right.

If you don’t run a well strategic promotion, only your friends will keep supporting you, no external force will chant you name.

List of bloggers / Promoters here in Kaduna

Krockcitydegreez.comAmeboloaded.comArewaallstarsMadeinkrockcity.com and lots more.

You also need to be active and work on your social media handles.

Lets use rapper IBI as an example, he’s one you all need to look up to, he works on his social media accounts time to time, he does several sponsored promotions on his account, and that’s why his career is going well for him.

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He also have various teams he works with.

You also need to brand your self well, wear good things both home, shows or else where.

Take good promotional photos, it’s helps.

Give your self a standard. You can seek advice from me directly or people you look up to that’s if you don’t mind.

USE Instagram / Twitter a lot just well as you use Facebook.

Do quality artworks for your new song, album etc. Contact good graphic designers based at Kaduna. 

Promote Your songs on radio stations. Run online and offline promotions.

It increase you online / offline presence.

A lot said, let’s get to business.


Gad is a gospel rapper currently making some major moves, I have worked with him and I know his capabilities.

You need to watch out for Gad.



This art understands the music business quite well. I have seen some of his contents out there even where I least expected. He made his intentions known that he was going to take this city down, and I have seen major moves.

You need to watch out for Slamkid


SoundBoy Chiif 

The Hold Some’N crooner is field up with ideas worth a billion dollars. His sounds are just outside the state, once his sounds are pushed out, they are accepted anywhere, any day, any time.

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Did you listen to Beware by Elaidrix? It was mad, he just left the beat bleeding.

I’ll say little.



A round of applause for this young rapper. One thing I love about him is that he thinks outside to box.

Emmy Jay 2017 was a successful year for him especially when he dropped his EP title 20DAMN17


The guy with the golden voice.

His voice can calm the nerves of a little baby.

The list wouldn’t be complete without MAYE in it.


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