Melas SA - New Shoes

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New shoes portray an in-debt message to youth out there trying to make a living and the ones who loves to party/lavish without the thought of tomorrow.

It will do you good to remember time is precious and time waits for nobody, and for the record, time has its own good news and also its own bad news.

Bad news is that time flies, and the good news is that you are the pilot of time. So never waste that precious time trying to buy a new shoes to party just for a day without planning for other days.

Always create time for work for if you make it tomorrow, A lot of new shoes will look for you more than you wished for.

If you tell a fool he is wise, he remains a fool forever, but tell the wise he’s a fool and he get wiser. Always work to being them wise.

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New Shoes was produced by King from south Africa. Mixed and mastered by Zion


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