​It’s a Sunday morning and as you all know, Zion Adebisi Blog never seize to amaze our loyal readers. 

Yes, Fast Rising Star Deribb dished out visuals of his appealing single “Aye Asoro” which is already gaining airplays on every platforms catching the attention of every audience with his sense of lyrics and delivery.

No doubt, Deribb is really a big talent to watch out for in the industry especially 2018 as he promises us more singles and visuals.

Now back to the bag at hand, Deribb, we love your video, the style, how you fused your voice into the song and we can’t forget to credit the producer who made a very perfect production. 

And this leads to one question we love to ask. 

How Much did you buy those attractive pair of shoes you used in you video? Lol 

We just playing around Deribb, although it will give us the utmost joy if we could get a response from you in a video format. 

Sincerely, we love those pair of shoes and we’d love to hear from you. 

Please do contact us on Zionadebisiblog@gmail.com. 

IG @zionadebisiblog 


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