Makena trying to gather enough money so she can go to the city. Andy wrote to her.
Makena:Thanks..(opened the letter)Mother…. I’m doing fine on the fashion club, I don’t get tired because I love it here,I put my heart and soul to it mom…I hope you are doing fine mom..I really miss you always know that I love you so much.(smiled)I love you too Andy…
     Andy coming back from sale.
Evans:Andy Makena
Andy:(turned)Oh Sir Evans…
Evans: How are you doing?
Andy: Well fine sir.
Evans: Well I want to say thank you Andy…for helping me the other day… I’m really grateful.
Andy: Its nothing sir…I’m glad I could help.
Evans: Come on,Let’s walk.
Andy:(smiled)Thanks sir but I’ll go ahead…
Evans: Alright then.
Andy: Bye…
Evans: Bye..
Andy:(going turned and looked at him)
Evans:(laughed)She’s so funny
Andy: Oh dear….
Claire: And what’s wrong with you?
Andy: Nothing..
Claire: Ok
Andy:(still trying to do what Tori gave her)Oh God please…
Evans: Let me help you.
Andy:(looked at him in surprise)What?
Evans:(smiled)You helped me yesterday Andy….so let me help you too.
Andy: No need sir I can do this.
Evans:(looked at her doubtfully)Really?
Andy:(looked at him then the paper)
Evans:There you see,so i  am helping you.
Andy:Thank you Sir.It’s really..
Evans:(cuts in)Frustrating…
Andy:(smiled)I was about to say annoying.
Evans:Let me see it
Andy:(gave him)
Evans:(shocked)What the hell.
Evans: This article isn’t for your level. Its for qualified models.
Andy: Really.
Evans: What’s Tori thinking.I need to tell to her..
Andy: No no no…please Sir dont ,just help me do it.
Evans:(looked at her)
Andy: Please.
Evans: OK.
      They submitted all the articles to Tori, she checked it and was surprised that Andy passed.
Tori: How did she….what the hell.
Evans: Tori, my mom is waiting to see the articles.
Tori: OK,I’ll be right there
      Madison checked it and was impressed.
Madison: Andy Makena, well done and keep the good work.
Andy:(happy)Thank you ma.

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When Madison finished with them she drew her attention to Tori who was already angry.
Madison: Why did you give her this Tori?
Tori: Nothing,well she did it.
Madison: I never told you to give a learner a qualified model article,be thankful he passed it,weeks you want her to fail.
Tori: Mrs Madison….
Madison: You may go.
      Andy and claire together talking.
Andy: (excited)Oh my God Claire,I did it,I did it…
Claire: Yeah, yeah,I heard that already.
Andy: Thank you Lord.
Claire: I also did it Andy,but how did you do it?
Andy: Well it was sir Evans, he helped me,don’t know what I would have done if he didn’t help me.
Claire: Really?
Andy: Yes.
Claire: Well you should go thank him.
Andy: I’m so happy now that I could even hug him.
Claire: Go on.
Andy: Ok. (Left)
    Evans walking to his office after talking to his mom.
Andy: (running)Oh,its sir Evans.
Andy: Sir Evans (calling him) sir Evans (running)
Evans:(heard her turned)
Evans: An…….
Andy:(jumped and hugged him)Thank you so much sir Evans ,thank you.
Evans:(surprised, chuckled)
Andy: Thank you.
Evans:(dropped her)Its nothing.
Andy: I’m really grateful.
Evans:(smiled,looking at her)
Andy:(sighed,bent down)Oh my gosh….I ran so fast…
Andy:(stood up)OK..
Evans: Have you had lunch?
Andy: Well no sir,break just started five minutes ago.
Evans: Alright then,let’s have lunch together.
Andy: Really?you don’t mind?
Evans: Yeah.
Andy: Great,besides I’m hungry,I could ate two plate of rice.
Evans:(laughed)Let’s go.
Evans:(looked at her)What’s wrong?
Andy: I ehm,I don’t have money for that, I think I’ll pass.
Evans: Are you kidding me….who said you’ll be the one to pay?its my treat.
Andy: Really?
Evans: Yes..
Andy:(smiled)OK then…lets go(already going)
Evans:(shakes his head)
Evans: Coming…
    They were both having lunch,Claire saw them.
Claire: Princess… Look
Princess: Wow….that’s new.
Claire: You could say that again.
Claire: Guess what
Princess: What?
Claire: Evans didn’t sit on their normal sit.
Princess: Yeah…that’s true.
Claire: Lets go.
     Tori just got there to eat.
Tori: Give me the usual.
Andy: Hey,you laugh so hard that you could chook,maybe because you always keeps serious face.
Andy: Eat up,I’ve finished mine already
Evans: Do you want more?
Andy: Really?
Evans: Yeah.
Andy: Yes..more more more.
Evans: Nora…
Tori:(heard his voice)
Nora: Yes sir.
Evans: One more plate for her
Nora: Ok.
Tori:(turned, saw him and Andy)What?
Evans: You should try this, its lovely.
Andy: What’s that?
Evans:  Pizza
Andy: No no no…..I’ll the my rice.
Evans: Serious its not bad.
Andy: Ok.
Evans:(gave her)
Tori: What’s he doing with her?
Madison:(watching them from afar)
Andy:(laughing)Its really good..
Evans: Told you.
Andy: Yeah..
Evans: (smiling)

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