Makena thinking about Andy crying. Andy also thinking about her mother crying too.
Makena: I hope you will be strong enough to handle yourself Andy.
Andy: Mother…. I’m already having  an hard time here… I wish you were here with me…but I am not giving up
    Zac already training to be a race car driver.Andy miss him so much
Zac:Yeah I miss you too.
Andy:Zac I should better get going now,I’m using the telephone in the fashion club.
Zac: OK Andy..bye.
Andy: Bye..(hangup)
Tori: Well well well….look what we have here.
Andy: Miss….
Tori: You really have a lot of nerves using the phone Andy Mekena.
Andy:Good morning miss…
Tori: So,who were you talking to?
Evans: (coming,saw them )
Andy: My friend….I took permission before using it.
Tori: You haven’t spent two days here Andy,yet you have started causing trouble.
Andy: I’m sorry miss.
Tori: You should better be Andy
..I’m watching you.
Evans: Tori!
Tori: Oh Evans
Evans:That’s enough,Andy go on.
Andy: Thank you sir(left)
Tori: What!
Evans:(looked at her in disgust)
      Madison saw everything that happened.
Tori: Hmmm
Claire: Andy?
Andy: I’m ok claire….I’m OK
Claire: That Tori….she’s so rude.
Andy:(smiled)Forget her
      They were all standing listening to Madison instruction on how they will start training.
Madison: I wish you all luck.
All: Thank you(excited)
     They were all busy with work,Andy was really happy that she didn’t get tired.Madison noticed everyone of them.
Evans: Alright everyone take a break.
Evans: Good job
       Andy,Claire and some other girls sat down together.
Andy:(joking around)
Claire: You really are something Andy,you always make us laugh.
Andy: That’s my speciality.
Princess: Zac taught you all this, sometime forget you’re a girl.
Andy: Hey…
Evans:(looking at her)
Andy:I don’t give a damn ok… I always keep my day smiling,being serious all the time can make you get old you know…come on eat..
Madison: Hmmmm
Evans:(still looking at them)
Madison: Surprised son?
Evans: A little mom,she’s different from everyone around here.
Madison: I think she’s perfect,she’s very active she don’t let anything get to here.I think I need that spirit.
Madison:Come on.
       It was evening Evans was still in his office trying to work on a design that he would submit the next day.
Evans:Come in.
Tori:Evans what are you still doing here.
Evans: Trying to work on his product Tori, I need a perfect design.
Tori: You know what?You are you such a dummy,go look for somebody to help you then.
Evans:Hey…stop talking like I know everything ok.
Tori: You are such a nut case,I was just trying to help.
Evans:Seems this office is getting too small for me and you Tori(stood up)You’re such a pain in the neck(took his paper and left)
Tori: Hmmmm(phone ringing)who might this be…oh bestie
Ellie:How are you doing best?
Tori: I’m fine,I just finished talking to Evans.
Ellie: So how are things with you and him.
Tori:He always think about Ellie its like I’m invisible to him.
Ellie:You know best if his not meant for you forget him….all this years Tori,Evans have never asked you out,it means he doesn’t love you.
Tori: I won’t back out best.
Ellie:Oh dear….anyway I’ll talk to you later.
Tori: Sure.
Ellie:(hang off)

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Tori left the fashion club to her house, Evans still at the fashion club near the pool,still trying to get a perfect design.
Evans: Oh dear…(threw the paper in frustration)why can’t I just get it
Andy:(coming,saw him)
Evans: I know I’m missing something.
Andy: Sir?
Andy: What are you doing here?
Evans: I’m trying to concentrate on this design,taught getting out of my office will help but I can’t seem to get it right.
Andy:(remembered Zac anytime his frustrated, smiled)
Evans:(startled)Hello….are you ok?
Andy:I just remembered my bestfriend Zac.
Evans: Oh….
Andy: His usually frustrated like you at times and throws things too…
Evans: Really?
Andy: Yes… Anyways Sir Evans designing isn’t about frustrating yourself even if you make mistake.Its letting go..freeing yourself,your heart and focusing in the lines and cruves to create a perfect image.
Evans: Wow….that’s nice
Andy:(smiled)So you should free your heart Sir if not you won’t be able to get that perfect design…
Evans:(smiled)Thanks Andy…
Andy: Wow….look at that you smiled.
Evans: What?
Andy: Ehm nothing,I’ll be on my way Sir..
Evans: OK….thanks Andy.
Evans:(looking at her)
    Evans focused on the design and he finally made it.
Evans: Yes!(excited)
Andy:(entered her room)
Claire: I saw you talking to Sir Evans.
Andy: Yeah…. He was frustrated because he couldn’t create a design
Claire: Really..
Andy: Yeah.
      The next day Evans presented the design and his clients were excited and approved it.
Madison: You did it son…I hope you keep the good work.
Evans: Sure mom,thanks
Evans:(smiling too)
Tori: You see Evans you did it.
Evans:Yeah…. Someone made me see the reality behind designing.
Tori: That’s nice
Evans: Later(left)
    Andy reviewing some document about fashion.
Andy:Claire… I can’t seem to understand his article that Tori gave me.
Claire: Really…let me see it.(collected it)its completely new I me Andy.
Andy: OK Claire, thanks.
Claire:This is a different type of article,are you sure that witch didn’t do this on propose?
Claire:Well Andy I’m not blind you know… She hate you alot.
Evans:(looking from afar)
Andy: Andy you Can do this… You are the best of the best greatest and sexiest of all time.
Andy: So you can do this Andy…too early to be challenged.

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