Zac left after some days to the city,Andy had no other friend like Zac,she really miss him.
Andy:(smiled,looking at the river remember what zac said)Even when I am gone Andy Makena,I will always know you as my best friend, no matter how far I may be just know that I’m always with you as your guide,cheering you up…
Lizy:(a girl from her working place)Andy…
Andy:Lizy,what are you doing here?
Lizy:Here(gave her a paper)You were selected as part of the people that will go to the fashion club.
Andy:(screamed in joy)Yes!
Lizy:(smiled)Congratulation Andy
Andy:Thanks Lizy
Lizy: I’ll go now.
   Andy continued telling her mom about her plan to go to the city but she never agreed to it.
Makena:I’m not changing my mind.
Andy:Why mom,I have done everything I could think of so you could see that this is my passion.
Makena:I will not let you go…(left in pain)
      Andy barely slept that night because of her problem.
Mrs Susan:If we keep waiting for Andy to show up we are only risking everything and everyone so let’s go.
All:Yes ma.
    Andy was still at home because her mom told her not to go.
Makena:I am going to the market.
Andy:(didn’t answer her)
Makena:(sighed and left)
    Andy went to the fashion shop and no one was there except Lizy.
Lizy:They left already.
Andy:(smiled)I know…later.
      After a while Andy went back home be parked her things,left a letter for her mom and left.
Makena:(got home)Andy….Andy(looking for her her room was empty)Andy…(saw the letter)
   I’m sorry mom…I had to disobey you his time,you can’t stop me from fulfilling my dreams,I have to do this… I love you(makena crying)Andy.
    Andy already in the city in a taxi….
Andy:(screaming in joy)Yeah!finally..
Driver:(looking at her)
     Andy got down from the taxi.
Andy:Are you sure this is the place?
Driver:Yes Miss,its a five minutes walk to the gate over there.
Andy:Thank you
Andy:Here I go.
     Mrs Susan with the workers.
Mrs Susan:Are you all ready?
Mrs Susan:Don’t make them angry..
Announcer:We are calling out the name of our new recruit here at the fashion club.
      The head of the fashion club Mrs Madison Lautner,sitting at the front with her son Evans Lautner the managing director and the super model Tori Michael.
       Andy got to the place….looking around.
Andy:Wow…this is incredible.
Security: Miss,what are you doing here?
Andy:(showed them her ID)Sorry for coming late.
Security:Then you better hurry the annoucemet have already started.
Andy:Really….thank you(running)
Announcer:Nicole Daniel,Ruth Mori…
Announcer:And the last but not the list Andy Makena.
All:(expecting her)
Announcer:Andy Makena.
Tori: What’s going on?
Mrs Susan(went to the announcer)She couldn’t make it.
Announcer: OK alright.
Mrs Susan: (left the stage)
Announcer: Well….the last person couldn’t make it…
Andy:(running)Wait!, Wait…I made it
All:(turned, looking at her )
Andy:(reached the stage)I made it(breathing fast..bent down)
Madison:(looked at Susan)
Mrs Susan: (faked a smile)
Andy:I am here now.
Announcer:Everyone Andy Makena
All:(clapping except Tori and Evans)
Andy: Thank you.

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After that Mrs Susan called Andy.
Mrs Susan: What’s wrong with you.
Andy: I had a problem to handle …I’m sorry.
Tori: You better be,you are so not a model type or fashion club material…Andy Makena.
Andy: (looking at her)
Tori: And what sort if name are you bearing…don’t you have a father?why bear a woman’s name as a surname?
Andy: (quiet)
Tori: I will keep a close look on you be careful
Mrs Susan: She’s Tori Michael the super model
        Madison standing with her son and Tori,addressing them.
Madison: Andy Makena.
Andy: Yes madam.
Madison: Ma is ok…
Andy: Yes ma 
Madison: I don’t want what happened today to repeat itself again ok?
Andy:Yes ma
Madison: You all are welcome. You will be shown your rooms in a short while,here in fashion club I give chances to people who deserve it,so you all will have to work hard to be here.your accommodation is for only one month,then you will find your own place to stay when he one month expires those who are not able to find accommodation will live this place which means no more opportunity to be a super model… But those of you that can survive will still be working here. I teach people not just to be models but to be great…so this is my first lesson,those who can’t stand on there two feet will be out.Being a super model is like being a super human for me,making use of what you have carefully, making mistakes and getting back up.So it’s a challenge to all of you,let’s see those that deserve it.
All: Yes ma.
Madison: My son Evans and Tori will take care of what is left.Son?
Evans:Ok mom.
Madison: (left)
Evans:Like my mom said you all should give it your best shot,my mom is a woman of high extreme, so she will be expecting a lot from all of you,work hard…Tori?
Tori: Yeah….his right (looking at Andy)This fashion club is not for lazy and stupid people…be warned you all don’t mess with me because I’ll back fire a thousand and one time harder,you may all go.
All: Yes Tori..
Tori: Miss….its Miss Tori(left)
Evans: Have a great time at fashion club(left)
All: (murmuring)
Evans:You are so full of yourself Tori they just arrived and you’re taking it out on them m already…
Tori: Why won’t I Evans.I don’t like one of them already.
Evans: (chuckled)You know what?You drive me nut….you are so bizzare. (Left)
Tori: Hmmm
     Andy and her roomate Claire Martin.
Claire: You know what?I haven’t even spent a night here and I’m angry already…all because of that so called super model.she’s got alot of pride can’t she give us little respect?
Andy:(smiled)She’s our boss Claire we just have to live with it
Claire: Great…
Andy: Tomorrow will be a tough day ahead,we should better take some rest.
Claire: Sure…

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