Makena going ,Mark looked for her and couldn’t find her,Makena treated herself. The guards went to Doris and told her they have killed her.
Doris: You killed her and the baby?
Guard: Yes ma
Dan:(heard them)
Doris:(laughed)Good job,I’ll send the money to your account.
Guards: Thank you ma,I’ll go now(left)
Dan: What did you do to her Doris?
Doris:(shocked)Dan….I didn’t notice you
Dan: What did you do!?
Doris: Oh shut up Dan!,you had a relationship with her and you expect me to sit back and watch you.
Dan: I left her for you isn’t it enough pain for her to handle? why did you have to kill her?
Doris:(laughed)Dan,seems you don’t know who you married,when I want something I get it no matter what it takes and I never share.
Dan:(angry)I…I will never forgive you Doris,don’t ever forget that (left)
Doris: Asshole
    Dan drinking in the bar with Mark
Mark: I couldn’t find her Dan.
Dan:(crying)I made a big mistake Mark.
Mark:Why are you crying Dan?
Dan:Doris…she sent people to kill Makena.
Dan:(crying)I foolishly let this happen,i got married to a beast!
Dan:I will never forgive myself.
Mark:Your mother pushed you to it Dan,i only expected you to make the right decision.
Dan:What should I do Mark?
Mark:I don’t know Dan,you should answer that question yourself,I warned you didn’t I?your life is already a mess Dan…. You should find a way to fix it.
Dan:(closed his eyes)
Mark: I feel sorry for you and Makena.
    Makena with her child
Makena:(standing crying)This will be the last time I cry for you Dan,I will live the city…..take my child far away from you,train her myself without you,I will never let her suffer the way I did,I will never let her make the mistake I made…I will forget you as this day pass,from the moment I name my child you never existed in my life,I will make you pay one day.
Makena:(crying,smiled looked at her child)I will call you ANDY MAKENA. Your father abandoned us…you won’t bear his name. It’s is me and you now Andy.I will take care of you.
   Makena left the city that day and vowed to keep her daughter away from the city.

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    Laughing with her friend near the river,a beautiful young girl.
    I live far away from the city, near the river with my mother.I always tell myself one day I will go to the city,I will make it and also get her out of this life.My mom have done alot for me and one day I will make her proud… I am ANDY MAKENA.
    Andy Makena is a very joval girl,she’s a beautiful young girl,she’s fun to be with, free with everyone around her,headstrong and funny.She never take things seriously but is a determined young girl.Zac her bestfriend laughing with her
Zac:(laughing)Andy,tell me about it again.
Andy:Hmmmm,Zac you’re laughing again about my dream right
Zac:Come on why would I…tell me about it.
Andy:(smiled)When I become a model Zac,I will be the best….
Zac:(mimicking her)
Both:The  best  of the best….the greatest,sexiest  of all time Andy Makena.
Andy:(looked at zac)
Andy:Funny right?
Andy: (removed her shoe)
Zac:oh no(stood up running)
Andy:(laughing)you better come back here…
    After a beast while…
Both:(holding hands laughing)
Makena: Hmmm…you guys finally came back
Andy:Yes mom
Zac:Aunt she actually kept me waiting.
Zac:She’s got a big big mouth.
Andy:No you didn’t just say that
Andy:Whatever.Mom?I’m signing up to join the fashion club in the city.
Andy:Mom…I have always dreamed of going to the city and becoming a model in the fashion club have always been my passion.
Makena:I will not let you go there Andy,you stay here.
Andy:But mom….
Makena:(cuts in)I’m not taking back what I said!
Makena:Excuse me..(left)
Zac:(cuddled her)It’s alright…
    Zac left Andy’s house later, Andy didn’t understand why her mother don’t want her to go to the city.
Andy:(at the door of her mother’s room)That’s what I really love mom…please
Makena: (heard her)
Andy:This is what I have always dreamt of..(left)
Makena: I’m sorry my dear, but I can’t let you go there….I don’t want to lose you,I don’t want that life again (crying)
     Andy woke up early the morning did all her work and cooked for her mom and left for work.
Zac:Late again?
Andy:(smiled)stop it ok…
Zac:Come on,I’ll help you.
Andy:Where did you get the bike?
Zac:100box for the whole day.
Andy:Hmmmm…how nice
    Andy is working in a small fashion shop.
Andy:Good morning girls(running)
Girls: Andy…you’re late again
Andy:Oh dear, Mrs Susan is going to kill me.
Mrs Susan:ANDY…would you stop running,that’s not how a training model behaves.
Andy:I’m sorry Mrs Susan.
Mrs Susan:Now will you explain why you are late again?
Mrs Susan:(looking at her)
Andy:I’ll just do my punishment (carried the mop)
Mrs Susan:(shakes her head)
    Makena woke up and saw he food and a note.
Makena:(smiled,read the note)I love you mom have a nice meal….(sighed)I love you too Andy but I don’t want you to go to the city because I know that’s were much problem will start.
    Andy still went ahead and registered to go the fashion club,she’s determined to go there even if her mother won’t let her.
Zac:Are you sure about this Andy?
Andy:I know my mom would be mad Zac but I can’t stop myself now that I am this close to my dream.
Zac:Oh Andy.
Andy:I don’t know why my heart cannot  live fashion Zac.
Zac:(smiled)That’s because fashion is who you are.
Andy:(smiled)Thanks Zac.
Zac:You’re always welcome
Andy:What about you?
Zac:Me?(chuckled)You know what I love Andy…I will become a race cr driver…like I always wanted.
Andy:If you go I will miss you.
Zac:Yeah me too.
Andy:(looking at him)
Zac:I know that look Andy,please don’t….
Andy:(already crying)
Andy:You’ll be gone for so long.
Zac:I will visit you when I have time.
Zac:That’s enough,you’re such a cry baby.
Andy:(hit him)

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