It all started that night when Makena went to Dan with her two days old baby.Dan was with his woman at night.Makena standing in front of the gate with her child..
Gateman:What do you want?
Makena:I’m looking for Dan.
Gateman:I’m sorry miss,He doesnt want to see you.
Makena:Please tell him its Makena.I really have something important to tell him.
Gateman: Live miss…if you don’t want trouble.
Dan:(heard her)Mark what’s going
Mark:Makena is here.
Doris:Honey….what’s going on.
Dan:Ehm….nothing Doris….nothing.
Doris:OK should come inside it’s cold outside.
Dan:Get her out of here now Mark.
Mark:She’s holding a baby,Dan,the gate man didn’t let her in but she’s persistent.
Dan:Damn it
Mark: Dan?
Dan:Dont let her know I’m here
Mark: Sure
Dan:Thank you
   Makena slept outside till morning,Dan and Doris on their way out.
Makena:(stood up,holding her baby)
Driver:Sir,there’s a Lady holding a baby in front of the car.
Doris:Who the hell is she!,(came out,looked at Makena)Hey you,dont you know the road is not a play ground?
Makena:I didn’t come to play,I just want to talk to someone
Dan:(came down from the car)
Makena:(already crying)Dan….
Dan:Who are you and what do you want?
Makena:(crying)Dan…don’t do this to me please,I don’t have anyone to go to with your child.
Dan:I don’t know what you are talking about.
Doris:Dan…what’s all this?
Dan:Doris I don’t know her.
Baby:(started crying)
Makena:Please Dan…..I beg you
Dan:Who the hell are you!
Makena: You told me you will never live me Dan….(crying)You promised me..why are you like this?
Dan:(trying to control himself)
Makena:She’s your child Dan,don’t abandon us like this
Doris: Hey….I have had enough of this you listen and listen carefully he is my husband….we got married two day’s ago
Doris:So stop accusing him of something he never did!get her out of my sight.
Doris: Quiet Dan!
Guards:(took her away)
Makena: Dan….please, don’t do this to me(crying)DAN!
Dan:Makena (he whispered)
Doris:Wat did you say?
Doris: Then let’s go.
Both:(entered the car and left)
Makena:DAN!,(crying)Dan!(passed out)
   The guards dropped her and left
Doris:You love me alone right Dan?
Dan:(looked at her and smiled)Makena was still unconscious, her baby crying when she woke up.

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Makena:My child…my child..shhhh…that’s enough..(carried her,petting her)mommy is here(crying)Dan…

     Dan was at the garden…..thinking about Makena when Doris came





Doris:What are you thinking of?

Dan:Nothing Doris,it’s, been a stressful day right?


Dan:Then let’s go to bed.

Doris: (smiling)

    Late at night,Doris…..looking at Dan

Doris: You had a past with that woman Dan….I can feel it,you also love her more then you love me.


Doris: I will not let any woman take you away Dan…you are mine

     Makena looked for a place to sleep with her baby.

Makena:(crying)Sleep now my child… beautiful baby…..I love you my child(crying)I love you….we will get through this ok… Don’t cry now,I’ll be a mother and a father to you.

    In the afternoon Doris with her guards.

Doris:I want you to kill her and that child ok.

Guards:Yes ma.

Doris:Make sure you do.

Guards: (left)

    Makena looking for what to eat

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Guards:(following her)

Makena:(turned back)


    Dan was with Mark

Dan:Mark please look for Makena  and help her out, I want you to take them to a safe place and give her this money(holding a bag of money)

Mark: Dan why are you doing this to yourself?

Dan:I don’t know Mark

Mark:You don’t love Doris,yet you married her and abandoned your child and the mother, the woman you love.

Dan:You know the situation I am in now  Mark

Mark: You should have done the right thing Dan,Makena don’t deserve this at all (going)


Mark:I’ll look for her Dan…she’s my friend too

     Guards still following Makena,it was already dark

Makena:(began to run)

Guards:After her!

Makena:God please….(running)

Guard:(shoot her)

Makena:Ah!(fell down with her baby)


Guards:Let’s go(left)

Mark:She love coming here were could she be?

Makena:(raised her hand)


Makena:(bleeding,carried her child)You’re ok….


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