Zion Adebisi Blog Interview with upcoming rapper Skilon.

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Zion Adebisi Blog (ZAB) is here with its 2nd interview with upcoming rapper Skilon.
The interview is to create awareness to Nigeria music fans on some of Nigeria coming stars at their peak to hit the industry soon. So sit back, grab a bottle of what ever you wish to and enjoy the interview.

Interview with upcoming rapper Skilon
Zion Adebisi – So Skilon, What’s your full name?
Skilon – My full name is Segun Oyeku.
Zion Adebisi – So u be Yoruba man self like me?
Skilon – Yes.

Zion Adebisi – Stage Full Name? 

Skilon – YungSkilon.

Zion Adebisi – What year did you start music?

Skilon – I wouldn’t want to disclose the year I started, but people who knows me well can solve it out, I started music when I was in Jss 1, where I was in a Music group back then.

Zion Adebisi – What type of music do you do?

Skilon – Mainly Hip Hop.

Zion Adebisi – How many artist have you worked with?  And name few.

Skilon – I have worked with lots of artist , to mention few,  Kayyswaggz,  Jesse p,  Tom J, Abraham and many more.

Zion Adebisi – So which artist do you wish to work with?

Skilon – I wish to work with the likes of Wizkid, Dremo,  Yung6ix,  and to name an international, Drake is my No 1 choice.

Zion Adebisi – Which music producer would you like to work with?

Skilon – Mehn, I can’t really say though, I love good work, good production, so far you are a music producer and your work is dope and good, I am OK working with you.

Zion Adebisi – Any embarrassing moment while on stage performing?

Skilon – Sure, my most embarrassing moment while on stage was the first time I performed in front of a lot of crowd. It was embarrassing and it felt like I was just performing for my self alone cause nobody knew me that time.

Zion Adebisi – Any Award?

Skilon – Not really, but back then at secondary school, I won the best rap artist and it gave me some recognition then.

Zion Adebisi – Who inspires you? Who is your mentor?

Skilon – Wizkid inspires me a lot and he’s my mentor, even though am a rapper. I love Wizkid works.

Zion Adebisi – Where do you get inspired from?

Skilon – I get inspired through my mirror, when each day I look at my self and believe in my self that I can do anything Wizkid does, and I can achieve more that even Wizkid.

Zion Adebisi – Where did you get your stage name YungSkilon from?

Skilon – Actually I got my name from three words,  Segun, King and Lion. So I merged all of them together and came about my stage name.

Zion Adebisi – What do you want fans to expect from you and from your upcoming new song?

Skilon – My next coming song is a fire, so I’ll keep what to expect from it to my self till my songs drops and its available for downloads. But am a green world artist , and you all should expect something different you have never seen in the music industry. Am different from others and that’s why am Segun Aka Skilon.

Zion Adebisi – What are your social media accounts details so fans and lovers can follow you?

Skilon: You can get on facebook @yungskilon
Twitter @yungskilon
Instagram – iam-yungskilon. 

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