Types of peer pressure.

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Peers are powerful in the life of teenagers. Whether they know it or not, teens face peer pressure almost constantly.
The types of peer pressure range from direct, confrontational pressure, to more subtle pressure to look, dress and act like every one else.

1. Unspoken indirect peer pressure.:

When it seems like every one else is doing something like dressing a certain way or acting a certain way. Teens feel a tremendous pressure to go along with the crowd and be like everyone else. Most teenagers do not want to stand out as being different, every one want to fit in.
No one has to say anything to your child, but just observing their peers will create peer pressure to be like them.

2. Direct Negative Peer Pressure

Direct , spoken negative peer pressure puts the teenagers on the spot through direct confrontation.
Your teens peers wants to convince him to do something he should not do.
When peers results to this type of direct pressure, its difficult for teens to find and excuse to do the right thing without risking ridicule.

A statement like this can be direct negative peer pressure. ‘We are going behind the blueacher to drink.’
Come with us! Don’t just sit here studying, you will never do anything funny!

3. Positive Peer Pressure.

Peers can be a positive influence too. Positive peer pressure can make a teen feel like he should join a sport or youth club/ organization because a group he admires is doing it.
If your child is regularly hearing his friends talk about getting good grades, diving volunteer work and joining clubs, he might follow suit.
This in turn pressure teen towards positive behavior such as volunteering for charity or excelling in academic or athletic by their peers.

I’ll be discussing the effects of peer pressure on my next posts.

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