He was recently detained in South Africa for close to 11 months, the South African government has granted permission for US born rapper Yaasin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) to leave the country but never return.

Yaasin Bey was charged in January for attempting to leave South Africa with a “world passport” and expired travel documents. The world passport is issued by an international organization, the work service authority, however most countries neither recognize nor accept this passport.

Yaasin Bey who had been living in South Africa since 2013 has had travel issues in the past. In May 2014, he was denied entry into the United states following his stay in South Africa.

Yassin Bey was let go and the charges against him dropped after he issued an unreserved apology to the South African government.

Yassin Bey was added to the list of “undesirable persons” by the South African government and will no longer be allowed to visit the country.

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The rapper has made several arrangements for performances in New York and Washington DC to commemorate his retirement from music as he had earlier announced that he will no longer be an active participant in the music business.

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