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They finished eating and thy talked and joked.
Andy:(laughing,then looked at him)
Evans:(looked at her)Hey….
Andy:(didn’t answer)
Evans:(pinched her)
Andy: Ouch that hurts sir Evans
Evans: You were staring at me…
Andy: Sir….
Evans: Evans.
Andy: What?
Evans: Call me Evans.
Andy:(smiled)Alright sir….(looked at him)
Andy: Pardon me sir…I’m not used to it.
Evans: Get used to it ok?
Andy: OK.
Evans: Good.
Andy: Thanks Evans.
Evans: Thank you too.
Andy:(smiled)I’ll go now
Andy:(going,turned and waved him)
Evans:(waved back)
    Tori called her best friend.
Ellie: Hy Tori
Tori:When are you coming back?
Ellie: Today…why that tone?
Tori: I saw Evans with a new girl at fashion club having lunch.
Ellie: Oh Tori, Evans can do whatever he wants to,his not your boyfriend.
Tori: Ellie
Ellie: I’m just telling you the truth. Don’t put all your hope on him
Tori: Best…
Ellie: I’m serious ok.
Tori: You know me best,I don’t quit
Ellie: Here we go again
Tori: I will not let any girl take him from me.
Ellie: Like his yours
Tori: Yes!
Ellie: Oh dear, you’re just like your mother.
Tori: Whatever.
   Andy and Claire working.
Claire: How was lunch?
Andy: It was great…Claire, actually i ate with Evans.
Claire: Yeah,I saw you guys
Andy: Hmmm,his a nice guy.
Claire: Yeah….I actually heard from people that His a workaholic, always serious.
Andy:(smiled)I noticed
Claire: They were surprised with his behaviour today.
Andy: Hmmm.its a good thing that he laughed alot today
Claire: Maybe
Andy:(continued her work)
    Tori got home angry her mom noticed her.
Doris: Tori?

Tori: Mother..
Doris: What’s wrong dear.
Tori: I saw Evans with a new employee having lunch together and that have never happened before.
Doris: Really?
Tori: Yes mom and I am in love with Evans.
Doris: And lemme guess,he doesn’t know you love him.
Tori: Yes.
Doris: You know what…you fight for what you love,for who you love…I also had that challenge once,your dad loved another woman,but I fought for my love for him and now see we are together.
Tori: Really?
Dan:(entered and heard them)
Doris: Yes my dear,so fight for your love for him no matter what it takes.
Doris: Fight for what’s right Tori,and fight for it the right way ok.
Tori: OK dad.
Doris:(looked at him)
Dan: You’ll regret it one day,if you do it the wrong way.
Tori: I’ll keep that in mind daddy.
Dan: How was work?
Tori: Fine dad…
Dan: That’s good to know dear,I’ll go to my room(left)
Doris: I’ll go to your dad now.
Tori: OK mom.
Doris: (left)
Dan:(inside his room)
Doris:(entered)What was that for?
Dan: What was what for?
Doris: What you told her.
Dan: The truth about life Doris,besides she’s my daughter so I can talk to her too…
Doris: That was not about telling her the truth Dan.
Dan:(chuckled)No its not about it,I will not watch you turn Tori evil Doris,I will not let her be like you!
Doris:(slapped him)
Dan:(looked at her)Face the truth Doris,you killed someone, someone dear to me, I told you didn’t I,I will never forgive you for it.(left angrily)
Doris:(crying already)
Tori:(saw the way Dan looked)Dad?
Tori: Mom….(went upstairs)
Tori:(entered)Mom…what’s wrong?
Doris: Nothing dearie,come here.
Tori: Mom..(sat close to her)
Doris: Do all it takes ok…to get what you want in life,it will be a tough way ahead but never giveup.
Tori: Alright mom
Doris: Good.
     Andy and Zac talking.
Zac: Hey Andy.
Andy: I’m sorry Zac,I have been very busy lately I couldn’t call you.
Zac: Its ok…so how are you
Andy: Well best,I am doing fine,it’s tough though but I will make it(sighed)I haven’t heard from mom Zac,I miss her so much and I miss you too.
Zac: I miss you too Andy,you know what?
Andy: What?
Zac: I’ll be dropping by tomorrow so get ready.
Andy:Finally,I have a lot to tell you best.
Zac: Me too.
Andy: So tomorrow it is.
Zac: Yeah
Worker: Andy hurry others are waiting.
Andy: Oh sorry, later Zac.
Zac: Sure.
Andy: Love you and miss you
Zac: Love you too and I also miss you.
Andy: Bye(hang up)Thank you miss.
Worker: You’re welcome.
Zac:(In the room)
Marc: (zac roommate)Tell me zac,is she your girlfriend?
Zac:(having a drink when he choked, cleared his throat)Are you crazy?
Marc: Well you are too,familiar with her.
Zac: That’s because she’s my best friend Marc…and I don’t have feelings for her
Marc: Impressive
Zac: Whatever
    Evans at home finishing a design.
Madison: Son you should have some rest.
Evans: Soon mother
Madison: You should take a break sometime son.
Madison: Please son, I don’t want to loose you too.
Evans:(looked at her)
Madison: Your father was like this,he worked too hard and lost his life,I don’t want that again.
Evans: You won’t loose me mom,I promise,I’ll rest.
Madison: I love you Evans.
Evans: Love you too mom.

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